Friday, January 21, 2011

Easy and Flavorful Ahi Tuna served on a bed of fresh spinach

Ahi Tuna is one of my favorite dishes that I order when I am dining out, and I had never prepared it at home. Yesterday my local market had fresh tuna on special so I decided to try and duplicate the flavor that I love. Here is my recipe using four simple ingredients for the marinade. I hope you like it, my husband Doug and I were pleasantly surprised and found that the flavor was really fantastic. I made a homemade imitation wasabi, which was infused with great flavor, however the fish was so flavorful and tender we did not need to use any sauce.

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we did. Cheers! Karen

• Two 6 to 7 ounce fresh tuna steaks about 3/4 inch thick
• 2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
• 2 teaspoons spicy mustard
• 1 teaspoon minced garlic
• 1 teaspoon lime juice
• Marinade for at least one hour in the refrigerator before cooking

Cooking Instructions:
• Rinse the fish and pat dry with paper towels
• Use a container with a lid and mix together the soy sauce, mustard, garlic and lime juice
• Add the fish to the marinade and make sure the fish is coated on both sides
• Marinade for at least one hour in the refrigerator in a closed container
• Coat a skillet with the non-stick cooking spray
– I use my cast iron skillet
• Over medium heat cook the fish for approximately 2 to 3 minutes per side
– Ahi is generally served very rare and pink inside. You can cook longer if you prefer less rare

Served on a bed of Fresh Spinach

I cooked ¼ of a sliced sweet yellow onion until it started to brown, then tossed in about ¼ cup of chopped walnuts and toasted them up in the skillet. Then I added about 3 cups of fresh spinach to the skillet, I usually use 2 to 3 large handfuls of fresh spinach.

I tossed the spinach with about 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, the onions and walnuts just until the spinach was warm, if you continue to cook it you will end up with about 1 cup or less of cooked spinach.

Immediately place the spinach on two plates and top with the Ahi Tuna, what can I say, we loved it, and I hope you do.

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