Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Enchilada's , book club and what is in your freezer?

Lot's to share today!
Do you know what you have in your freezer?

Every month I look forward to spending an evening in my old neighborhood in Waxhaw, NC with my friends at book club. Last month at the “Have you read the book?” book club we had a discussion about what we have in our freezers and do we really need a large freezer? If you are wondering, this was not on-topic with our book, we tend to stray off-topic on occasion and this month Elaine was sharing with us that it was time to upgrade her kitchen appliances which lead to a discussion regarding how much freezer space we really need.

Our hostess last month was Elaine and she made her famously delicious enchiladas which she graciously shared with me. Posted at the end of this blog. Sorry I did not think to take a picture, next time!

I do try to keep track of what is in my freezer but sometimes I forget to label the freezer bags.

One rainy weekend I decided I was in the mood for some homemade Gumbo and I usually keep a supply of chicken or andouille sausage that is perfect for the gumbo in my freezer. I rummaged around in the freezer and pulled out a package that thought I was Chicken sausage. As it turns out (I did not have a label on the package) it was spicy Italian sausage, which is not the type of sausage I usually use in gumbo. I told my hubby Doug that I was not sure if this would taste good in the gumbo, he thought it would be fine.

I cut, chopped, diced and cooked up a batch of gumbo with the Italian sausage. Doug really liked the flavor of the gumbo, me not so much, however I did freeze a portion of the gumbo and the other night searching the freezer for a quick meal I pulled out the gumbo with Italian sausage, which I had labeled. This time the flavors had a chance to settle in and the gumbo was delicious, just a little different than usual. One thing I know for sure is that gumbo always has more flavor the day after you cook it, same as spaghetti sauce, stews and soups, the seasoning and flavors have a chance to develop.

This weekend take a look in your freezer, take inventory and keep the list on your freezer. If you don’t like to decorate the door of your refrigerator or freezer compile a list of what is in your freezer with your shopping list. You might be surprised what you find and how much money you can save.

And if you need assistance with ingredients to create a meal send me an email ksquiresnc@ I would love to try and assist your. Cheers!

Slow cook Gumbo recipe posted March 3rd 2011.

For those of you that are interested in the book that we read in May it was “The Fixer Upper” author Mary Kay Andrews. Mary Kay writes fun, light beach reads filled with wonderful southern characters, transporting you to southern locations that all of us in our book club adore. Each year we select one or two fun, light reads to balance out some of the heavier books that we select.

And it is never an issue if one of us hasn’t had time to read the book, the ones who did read the book will provide a summary to beginning the discussion. It’s all about good friends, great and sometimes very intense discussions, awesome food and of course a little vino!

Cheers and enjoy!

Elaine’s Famously Delicious Enchiladas

4 cups boiled chicken breast cut in cubes
1 can mild enchilada sauce
1 small onion diced
16 oz. sour cream
4 cups four blend shredded Mexican cheeses
1 can minced green chilies
12 tortilla shells, Flour, wheat or corn- My favorite is corn tortillas, that said Elaine's are my favorite with flour!

Pre-heat the oven to 350 decrees.
Mix chicken, sour cream, 2 cups of cheese, minced green chilies and onion in big bowl. Dip the tortilla shells into the enchilada sauce and roll the chicken/cheese mixture into them. Put the remaining cheese over the rolled up enchiladas and bake 30 minutes @350 decrees. Just cook something! Cheers! Kary~

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