Friday, April 29, 2011

One word for the Royal Wedding "Brilliant

Yesterday on my blog I wrote that I thought there was plenty of media coverage without me blogging about Kate and Williams nuptials.
Well today is another day and I just can’t help myself, I feel compelled to comment on the Royal
Celebration. Every day we are bombarded with bad news; storms, tornado's earthquakes and war, today was a bright spot in a sometimes scary world. Watching the celebration in London today I couldn’t help but feel joy watching Kate and William who radiated such love and happiness.
This morning when my hubby Doug turned on the TV I heard the hymns and as I watched, I could feel the pull of the old country and my British ancestors. Doug and I have been across the pond many times and every visit has been extraordinary. From the Tower of London, Brighton Beach, Torquay, Liverpool, Westminster Abbey to the Scottish highlands, the landscape is spectacular and people are wonderful!
This morning I did miss the beginning of the ceremony (fortunately I set the DVR last night and have since watched the entire wedding) but I did catch live the Bishops speech which was very moving and appropriate.
Today I was checking in with our friend Jill and Paul from Manchester England and they had just returned from a street party.

Jill wrote “Just arrived back from our street party what a day!!
Princess Kate will make us a stunning Queen
Proud to be British “

Today Doug and I are proud to have British ancestors and one word sums up today’s royal wedding, as the Brits would say “Brilliant”.

Tonight I am going to prepare beef shish kabobs (recipe will be posted this weekend), Doug will fire up the grill and we will enjoy our patio this evening and raise a glass of cheer and toast to Kate and Williams’s happiness. Cheers!

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