Friday, May 27, 2011

Cabbage Chicken Salad with Top Ramen Noodles ~ Memorial Day Thanks To All Who Served & Serve~

This Memorial Day weekend we remember our fallen soldiers and thank all who serve in our armed forces for all that they do and all that they are, standing on the wall to serve and protect our great nation.

Thanks to my Father, son Brad, Mike, Uncle Jimmy, Michele and all of the men and women who serve and have served so bravely in the US Military!

This weekend many in the US will fire up the grill to cook up hamburgers, hot dogs and prepare potato salad, buy fresh corn on the cob and spend time with family and friends.

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, and the morning shows, magazines and blog’s bursting with burger recipes I thought I would post this age old recipe for a lighter side.

If you are looking for something easy to prepare here is my recipe for broccoli slaw salad with chicken, you can serve this as a meal or side dish. I have been preparing a variation of this recipe for years!

I know that we will be grilling out and watching the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. I do love fast cars, always have, always will.

Take time to remember our fallen and share some of their stories with your children, we should never forget that freedom isn't free...

Just cook something! Cheers! Kary~


• 1 packages of pre-shredded broccoli slaw (broccoli, carrots and red cabbage) or pre-shredded coleslaw or 1 small head of cabbage sliced
• 3 green onions diced
• 1 ½ to 2 cups of cooked chicken.
– 2 cooked chicken breasts, cut into bite size pieces or purchase roasted chicken and dice into bite size pieces. Use left over chicken for salad, sandwiches or toss with pasta
• 1/4 cup of raw shelled sunflower seeds or sliced almonds, toasted
• 1 3 oz package of Top Ramen noodles, chicken flavor
– You can use other flavors, I just like the chicken

• Dressing:
– 1/4 cup of olive oil
– 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
– 1 teaspoon sugar or Steva
– 1 seasoning packet from the Top Ramen Noodles

Cooking Instructions:
• Rinse off the green onions, cut off the root and dice

• Rinse off the slaw in a colander and dry with a paper towel
• Cut the chicken into bite size pieces
• In a large bowl add slaw, diced green onions and chicken
• In a sauté pan heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil or non-stick cooking spray and toast the sunflower seeds on medium heat. Watch closely or the sunflower seeds will burn!
• In a small bowl whisk together olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sweetener and the Top Ramen seasoning packet
• Add the dressing to the large bowl and toss all ingredients
• Crumble the Top Ramen noodles ( do not cook) and toss in the salad prior to serving for a crunchy salad
– You can refrigerate leftovers, the salad tastes great the next day even with the noodle soften from sitting over night in the salad

The salad is ready to serve at room temperature or chill.

Just Cook Something! Cheers! Kary~

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  1. My Uncle Larry and Uncle Stan too that also served in the armed forces!