Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Vacation, Gardens, Cooking, Critters and Having Fun!

Tomorrow is June 1st and throughout the month of June the highly anticipated summer vacation, mostly anticipated by school children and their teachers, will begin in the US. This is a great time of year to spend time teaching your children how to prepare healthy foods, start a garden, play outside and have fun.

Also a great time to cook with friends and family, if you are not comfortable in the kitchen or have never planted a garden of your own start with a small container garden and prepare at least one meal a week at home.

Have everyone in the household select several vegetables and herbs to grow in containers, keep it simple so you won’t feel overwhelmed and get everyone involved.

My friend Candy has a great solution for cooking with the family, have each member of the household select a menu for one night of the week. There are a couple of rules, everyone has to agree to eat what’s prepared and if some members are too young to prepare a meal on their own pare the children with adults.

Experience the thrill of planting vegetables, watching them grow and preparing them in a meal. There is no better way to connect with family and friends than cooking together. So head outside, plant your first vegetable garden, and savor the taste and satisfaction of growing and eating something from your own garden.

 Start today; you never know who will show up in your back yard.

Thanks Candy! Cheers!
Mr L! The Lizard


Ms. Lizzy!

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