Thursday, June 23, 2011

Farm-To-Table Dinner Grouper, Carrot Soup, Salad and Grit Cakes

Last night I attended the Farm -to -Table Dinner and Speaker Series at Poplar Ridge Farm in Waxhaw, NC.

Terrace PRF

View of the Pool from PRF Terrace

The Menu was perfect for a summer evening; it was delicious and prepared with fresh organic produce from Poplar Ridge Farm by Chef Paul Ketterhagen Executive Chef at Carpe Diem Restaurant, which is located in Charlotte, NC.

The evening began with “meet and greet cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres” on the terrace where we had time to mingle and meet the other guests.
Hors d’oeuvres
Poplar Ridge Farm Pickled Fennel, Beets and Cabbage
Grit Cakes with Green Tomato Chutney and House-Smoked Bacon

Grit Cakes
The evenings festivities began at a warm 90 plus decrees, so we were delighted to learn that our first course would be a chilled carrot soup which was the perfect starter on a warm summer night.
First Course
Chilled Carrot Soup with Roasted Softneck Garlic, a dollop of crème fraiche and green scallions. A perfectly chilled soup and so full of flavor.

Second Course
Mixed Fresh Vegetable Salad
“A bed of Cobra tomatoes topped with blue potatoes, shallots, yellow wax and green beans tossed in toasted coriander orange vinaigrette, topped with crumbled goat cheese.

The picture speaks for itself, delicious!

Third Course

Seared Grouper over Beet Gnocchi with Braised Kohlrabi, Fennel and Leeks
The Grouper was prepared with a Parmesan crust which was cooked to perfection and the Beet Gnocchi, Kohlrabi, fennel and leeks were melting in your mouth delicious.

Fourth Course

Vanilla Bean Pane Cotta with Blueberry Coulis and an Almond Bergamot Shortbread Cookie. As the wind started whipping around the patio and the threat of a thunder storm loomed on the horizon we held on tight to our napkins; rain, wind nor thunder were going to get any of us to leave until we tasted our dessert!
The wind died down and the storm held off until we finished our dessert which was light and rich with blueberries, I savored every bite!

The Guest Speakers

Hors d’ oeuvres and cocktails were followed by a very informative presentation by Greg Pillar, Ph.D regarding his most recent trip to Micronesia and how we are globally connected by our food choices and how they impact our environment. Alice Alexander, on staff at Carolina Farm Stewardship Association shared information regarding the stewardship. Thanks again for taking the time to share with us.
Thank you Marianne and Philip, owners of Poplar Ridge Farm, for a delightful evening, it was educational and the food was incredible.

Check out  for the next Farm-to-Table Dinner and Speaker Series event, it is time well spent.

Just cook something! Cheers! Kary ~

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