Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pork Kabob with Pineapple, Bell Pepper and Onions

Today June 21, 2011 is the first day of summer in my part of the world, Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year.

Ready for the Grill!
According to USA Today, the summer solstice occurs when the sun is the farthest north in the sky, directly above the Tropic of Cancer. The exact moment of the solstice today will occur at 1:16 p.m. ET.

However, it has felt like summer for over a month now, 95 degree weather, which usually doesn’t hit until July in Charlotte, NC. No worries, we have air conditioning, ceiling fans to move the air (I do love ceiling fans) a pool to cool off in and my container garden is overflowing with tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos and assorted herbs.
If you are in the mood for Shish Kabobs with a Hawaiian flare, here is my recipe for pork Shish Kabobs on the Grill. You can always replace the pork with chicken, beef or shrimp.
Shish Kabobs and Grilled Corn on the Cobb!

To complete the meal we cooked corn on the cob on the grill and I tossed together sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and basil with a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

This is a great summer meal which will not heat up your kitchen, is full of flavor, refreshing and perfect for your family or entertaining. All you need is a mai tai and couple of those colorful umbrellas’ that you find in fruity drinks at your favorite summer bar. Cheers!

Pork Shish Kabobs on the Grill


• 1 lb boneless pork chops cut into 1 ½ to 2 inch pieces
– This recipe also works well with chicken, shrimp or beef
• 1 Small red onion cut into 1- 1½ inch slices
• 1 large green pepper, seeds removed and cut into 1 ½ inch slices
• 1 16 to 20 oz can of pineapple chunks
– Drain the pineapple juice into a bowl to make the marinade
• Marinade
– Pineapple juice drained from the can of pineapple chunks
– 1 Tablespoon light soy sauce
– 1 Tablespoon fresh thyme or 1 teaspoon dried thyme
– ½ Teaspoon garlic powder
– Black pepper
• 6 to 8 metal skewers

Cooking Instructions:

• Rinse off the pork chops in water, dry with a paper towel and cut into 1 ½ to 2 inch chunks
• Drain the juice from the pineapple into a mixing bowl
• Place the pineapple chunks in a container and place in the refrigerator
• Marinade
– Add the soy sauce, thyme, and garlic powder to the pineapple juice and mix
• Add the chunks of pork to the marinade, cover and let marinade for 1 to 2 hours or overnight
– The longer you marinade the better the flavor
• Peel off the outer layer of the onion and cut the onion into large slices
- Rinse, dry, remove the seeds from the bell pepper and slice into 1 ½ inch slices
• Skewer a slice of onion followed by a chunk of pineapple, pork, pineapple, bell pepper, onion, repeat
– I like to place a chunk of pineapple next to the pork so the pork will absorb more of the pineapple flavor
• Sprinkle with pepper to taste

 I usually don’t measure the pepper, you just want to lightly sprinkle over the shish kabobs

• Heat the grill to medium

• Place the skewers on grill and cook over medium heat for 5 to 6 minutes per side, turning once
– Thickness of pork will also determine grilling time
• Use tongs to remove the metal skewers, be careful not to burn your hands on the metal skewers

Great with baked potatoes, brown rice and cucumber tomato salad!

Make it your own, Just cook Something! Cheers! Kary~

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