Thursday, July 21, 2011

Busy with Family

It has been a busy and fun week at the Squires home. My sister-in-law Sandy and niece Skylar drove down from Maryland to visit colleges in our area and stayed with us for a couple of nights.

Always delightful to have Sandy and Skylar spend time with us; we always share lots of laughs, family stories, music and of course good eats.

We are all big music fans and during this visit Doug introduced Sandy and Skylar to Leonard Cohen. If you are not familiar with his music I think it would be worth your time to take a listen, Leonard’s music is wonderfully soulful and inspiring.

I had fresh egg plant picked off the vine at Poplar Ridge farm, so I prepared egg plant Parmesan, with a side of bow tie pasta and a cucumber, tomato salad with arugula.

Here’s at picture of the egg plant Parmesan, I will post the recipe soon.

San and Sky, can’t wait for our next visit! Cheers!

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