Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day Of Autumn

According to the calendar today is the first day of autumn in my part of the world. 
It is always a sad day when I finally admit that my container garden has produced its last tomato and it is time to cultivate and dry the remaining herbs. Several weeks ago I cut the last of the herbs for drying. I then emptied, cleaned and placed my containers in the garage where they will be stored until the first hint of spring is in the air.
I have dried and frozen all the herbs, peppers and tomatoes that I could, so I will have a little bit of my garden with me through the fall and winter months. They are never as good as fresh but the majority of the produce and herbs are organic, grown locally or in my garden.   
My back patio feels bare and I already miss the afternoon ritual of watering, pruning and tending to my summer garden. However I do enjoy the change of seasons and we were greeted with an autumn rain shower this morning.
I still have a basket of fresh organic produce in my kitchen just waiting to be included in the next meal.  And I will continue to participate in the work share program at Poplar Ridge Farms through the fall, so stay tuned for some great fall soups, stews and chili’s that will please the palate and warm the soul.

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