Saturday, November 12, 2011

Turkey and Pork Meatloaf~ Introducing Grand Baby Avery


Today I am thankful for a healthy grand baby, who arrived last night on 11/11/11/ at 10 pm est. and our daughter Brenda and hubby Nate who are now proud parents!  

Last Thursday night the count down began, at 8:47 pm I received a txt from our daughter Brenda that she had arrived at the hospital and was “all tucked in for the night” just waiting for baby Avery to arrive.

The moon would be at it’s fullest on Thursday night and we thought for sure Avery would make her grand entrance before the stroke of midnight, being born on 11/10/11 which is also my Mothers birthday.
All during the day I was bouncing off the walls, I knew that I would be more excited than ever when Brenda went into labor, but I never could of imagined how I was feeling, all crazy, a little nervous and it seemed like just yesterday that we got the call from Brenda and Nate telling us they were expecting a baby. I think I was making my husband Doug crazy so I decided to head into town, run some errands and maybe pick up a few more baby gifts for Avery, which I did.

When I arrive back home I decided to make a meatloaf using ground pork and ground turkey, the chopping of onions and garlic would at least keep my hands busy if not my mind.

As the evening lingered on my husband Doug and I were on pins and needles, just waiting for the phone call. By 11 pm we headed off to bed and to try and get some sleep, I fell asleep rather quickly but kept waking up thinking about Brenda and how she was doing.

At about 3 am both Doug and I were awake, I told him that I felt like it was Christmas Eve when I was young, but the big difference was we already knew what our gift was, a precious grand baby girl named Avery Mae.

We tossed and turned and finally around 6:30am on Friday morning I checked my phone, no updates from Brenda or Nate, Doug didn’t have any messages either. At 9 am I sent a txt to Brenda and told Doug to call Nate, still no word.  Around noon Brenda sent Doug a txt that said she was having contractions and she would keep us posted.
We have been burning up the cell phones with calls, txts and emails, just so happy, excited and already crazy in love with the wee little lass.

Oh and the turkey/pork loaf was awesome, I will be posting that recipe soon, can’t really concentrate on anything other than baby Avery! 

Cheers! Kary~

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