Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Blogher Challenge Holiday Plans, Just the Beginning

For those of you who are not aware I also have a blog on BlogHer, the posts usually mirror this blog and I try to publish a post at least twice a week if not more often. 
Yesterday I signed up for the November challenge to blog daily on BlogHer, which was initiated by NaBloPoMo blog, author is Melissa Ford.

In addition Genie Gratto, food editor at BlogHer launched BlogHer’s Holiday Guide to Great Food this week. And since I will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner again this year I thought I would follow Genie’s lead and share with you how I not only survive the holidays but enjoy them.
Over the next several weeks I will share recipes and outline my plan on how to "survive the holidays" and still have fun. And I look forward to reading how all of you cook, shop and enjoy the holidays.

And besides every day should be a celebration, just cook something!
Here is what I posted last night on BlogHer:

“This is my first year but I am in!
I can do this, 2 days down. I know this is a short post but it has been a long day of substitute teaching, always interesting, Oh and a fire alarm. Not to worry all was well.
Writing my list of subjects to blog about. Cheers! “

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