Monday, January 2, 2012

Family, Fun, Friends and great Food for the Holidays!

Every family gathering is special but this year we received an early Christmas present that captured our hearts and made the holiday even more enchanting. Our new grand baby Avery Mae, who arrived 11/11/11, was the center of attention and let me tell you that little baby just lights up the room. Her Daddy and Mommy got that little angel to smile and Papa even coaxed a little giggle from the wee lass.
Tinks and her Daddy Nate

Tinks with Daddy and hat that Papa picked out for her!

To make a great time even better our daughter Brenda roasted a 9 lb Prime Rib that was superb, cooked to perfection and yes Brenda did use my Prime Rib recipe, but she made it her own adding lots of fresh garlic (we can never have enough garlic) rosemary, thyme, olive oil and prepared with love. Perfectly baked potatoes and steamed broccoli complemented the prime rib roast.

Thank you Brenda and Nate for an excellent meal, great company and that sweet little Tinker Bell that we are all so in love with. 

Love Nana KK and Papa


  1. I'm sorry, Kary, for taking so long to come here. I always look for a new blog from you on BlogHer. But here I am, my friend. :)

    I guess congratulations grandma are in order, and, OMG!, what a beautiful baby she is! I have always LOVED the name Avery, and I gotta love the name Mae. My middle sister was named Mae, after my father's mother. So Avery Mae is just awesome and fitting.

    A beautiful post, and here's wishing you a SUPER New Year!


  2. Hey Virgina! Thanks again for visiting.Mae is a family name as well. Thanks for the lovely comments Happy New Year to you and good luck with your move! Cheers!