Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not sure what's for dinner but lunch is planned this week!

Last Sunday I tossed three chicken breasts in the crock pot (recipe posted 1/18/11) with dried rosemary and a sliced apple, served up with brown rice and fresh steamed broccoli, which provided us with dinner and several meals for this week.   

Since the hubby is home this week and he loves tacos for lunch I set aside some of the chicken to use as the filler for tacos, adding fresh spinach and salsa, really simple but tasty.

I divided the rice and broccoli into four containers, added some of the cooked chicken and I am set for lunch this week, adding a dash of light soy sauce to enhance the dish.  

As for dinner tonight, I have about a cup of home made chili in the fridge, maybe Mexican pizza for dinner; hmmm we shall see when I get home. 
What are you cooking?

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