Friday, January 6, 2012

Ready for 2012

Friday January 5, 2012
In my past life as a Global Account Manager I would spend the last week of the year cleaning out all my old files, completing my business and marketing plan for the New Year, a yearly cleansing so to speak, out with old as the saying goes.  

Tossing out the old files from 2009-2011

Since my position was eliminated in February 2009 and I sent all my work files to my boss I have not spent much time cleaning out my home office so this week I have been busy going through my desk, files and notebooks, not sure where or how I accumulated so many “notebooks” or journals. Sometimes they just look so pretty and at three for a dollar why not stock up? 

They come in all sizes; the pocket book size that I keep in my purse where I jot down ideas for new recipes, books that I want to read, movies that I want to see, web sites that someone mentioned that sounded interesting and music that inspires me or just enjoy listening to.  

2011 Journals
Then there are the 5” by 7” journals where I write down my recipes as I cook or make notes about ideas for recipes, posting ideas for my blog, quotes and general passing thoughts.  

Also files with recipes that I have pulled out of magazines and plan to try, recipes that I have tried with notes pertaining to what I liked, what didn’t actually work well, also copies of recipes that friends and family have sent to me and recipes that I have printed from websites. 

I also have files filled with articles pertaining to the obesity problem in this country, educating our children on how to eat healthy, gardening and exercise, all subjects that I feel passionate about.  

So much paper to deal with and many of the ideas have already been duly noted on my laptop so I tossed, shredded and in the end I still have four files with recipes, one file with newspaper clippings and my brand new journal for 2012.

2012 journal, calender & notebook
This morning when I stepped into my office I felt lighter just knowing that the recycling bin was filled to capacity with all that paper from my office, next project is the kitchen pantry, I already organized and cleaned out the freezer and fridge. Oh and my goal this month is to finish the draft for my first cookbook, I just need to stay focused.

So what are you doing this month to get organized or maybe not and how do you stay focused?  



  1. Your method sounds like a wonderful idea, Kary! Now its my turn to do a little office cleaning too. I have a collection of magazines with recipes that are a must try. Perhaps I should be ripping the pages out and starting a folder. Less bulk that way.

    Thank you for the ideas! :)