Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lizards first sighting Spring 2012!

Lizard sighting! I was so excited when my hubby yelled for me to step outside on the back patio and I was greeted by one of my resident chameleons on the first day of Spring! One of my resident chameleons was hanging out in its favorite spot, on the black rod iron fence that surrounds my small but lovely back yard.  
Such a beautiful world...

Love the warm rocks~

Looking for Kary

Love this garden...
Let me introduce you to baby lizard.

Every year I am so very excited when I spy the first reptile of spring, and I have been keeping a sharp eye out for several weeks now.  

According to the calendar the first day of spring was last Tuesday and in many areas of the US Mother Nature was not paying attention to the calendar this year, but my lizard had it right!! Of course the chameleon could have been out earlier and I just had not spotted one of them yet. 

Last year on March 22, 2011 I posted about the first signs of spring in the Carolina’s.

This year Spring poked its head out rather early, around the middle of February, the Cheery Blossoms were in full bloom and the Cherry trees are now fully dressed in green leaves. 

Every surface outside is covered with a green film and no matter if you rinse off the cars, patio or plants the green pollen will be back thick as thieves coating everything in it’s path. Oh well the result makes tolerating the “green stuff” worth it.  

I love spring time and in the southern states all we need is a little rain, warm weather, sunshine and over night quite literally plants will grow an inch sometimes maybe two.

It is a wonder to behold!  

What is your favorite thing about spring?

Cheers! Kary

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