Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vacation, New Job & Life

I know that everyone has been busy with summer vacations and life in general so you might not have noticed that my posting has been minimal over the last couple of months.
I thought what better time to jump back into the blogosphere than today August 15th which would have been Julia Childs 100th birthday. I not only share a passion for cooking with Julia but I am also a Leo and will be celebrating my birthday this month as well.
Over the last several months there were many days when my hands were poised above the key board and the thoughts inside my head were running around like a herd of wild horses, untethered and untamed.
So as I gather my thoughts and try to catch up here is a recap of the last several months, I will save the details until later, otherwise these thoughts would just continue to Gallup wildly around in my head.
Vacation with Sissy Deb and niece Molly, 1800 plus miles in the mini cooper from Charlotte, NC to St. Augustine Beach, stayed with our good friends Lynn & Paul in their beautiful home.  Body surfing, enjoying good food, indulging in incredible fudge and shopping were all highlights of our visit.
Then it was on to Clearwater FL to visit with Winter the dolphin and her friends at Clearwater Aquarium Marina . This is where the movie “A Dolphins Tale” was filmed and the Marina is truly all about “Rescue, Rehab and Release.
 Next stop Woodstock, GA to spend time with the most adorable Grand Baby ever and of course her parents; my daughter Brenda, her hubby Nate and we can’t leave out Brenda’s best bud Aileen.
Back to the Charlotte area for a couple of days then packed up the mini, yet again and headed up the hill to Blowing Rock (Just a two hour drive from home) and  a visit with my best bud Ms. Karin at Buffalo Camp. While everyone was melting in the Piedmont we embraced the cooler mountain air and went for a hike, had lunch, shopped, chased fire flies and dined on marinated chicken thighs, fresh corn on the cob and salad compliments of Mr. Phil, Ms. Karin’s hubby. And to top that off Mr. Phil prepared omelets for breakfast, so very yummy.
Oh and did I mention chasing fire flies.
It was back down the hill to spend time at the pool and hang out with my sons Brad and Jake. Molly prepared her famous Sesame Lime Chicken Breasts With Avocado.
Our home wasn’t the same without the girls but big news for me: Several months ago I accepted a full time position as the Director of New Business for a fantastic company. The territory is  a little different from my globetrotting days, rather than piling up the airline miles I am now in my mini cooper traveling the highways and back roads in the Carolina’s and VA.
Of course this is a perfect opportunity to try out new restaurants and local cuisine. I have been happily clicking away and recording via digital photo’s many of my meals. So look for posts from the road, this should provide me with plenty of material for my blog; hey a girl’s gotta eat!
So as I am finally getting my arms around my new position I can make time for what I am so passionate about, cooking, teaching people to cook and encouraging them to prepare their meals at home.
Remember just one meal at a time.
I have stopped by BlogHer now and then to read some of your posts but I do have some serious catching up to do, so off I go.
I have really missed all of you! Cheers! 

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  1. I am so very glad to see you are back, Kay. And after two months off for me, well, here I am, too!

    I loved reading about your vacation, but REALLY enjoyed reading about all the wonderful and delicious foods you've had. You know me? Food, food, food...!!

    Virtual hugs,