Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Man From Ravcon & Chili on a cold winter day

 In many parts of the US it is cold outside and we could all use a little warming up and some great music always makes for a better day. 

Awhile ago we were in our favorite record store in Charlotte, NC and became friends with one of the employees Mike Brown, or in the world of prog/surf/rock/pop/spaghetti western music, he is known as The Man From Ravcon.

Mike played in a Charlotte band for many years called The Ravelers but for the last few years he has been writing, recording and producing his own tunes as The Man From Ravcon.  Mike not only writes all the music but he plays all the instruments on every song and recently released his sixth album, Skyscraper.

My hubby Doug and I are always on the hunt for great music so when we discover something new and exciting we love to share, just click on any of the following links, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to buy….. (link for sampling all six releases and buying)

The Chili is simmering accompanied by the cool sounds from the The Man From Ravcon.
 Cheers! Kary


  1. Sounds like a great afternoon in the Squires casa!

    1. You bet....we really enjoy The Man From Ravcon tunes even when it is warm....he is so talented and a really nice guy...!

      Have you listened to the music?

  2. TMFR is awesome!