Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Between Sisters, Book Club and Chicken Marbella

Ann was our hostess and prepared what she called her “crazy chicken dish” which is really, Southern Livings Chicken Marbella, but should be called “Crazy Delicious” because it was! All the ladies agreed that this Chicken was one of the best chicken dishes we have ever had, filled with so many great flavors and fork tender.

Ann shared with us that Chicken Marbella is one of her go to dishes for a large gathering, her other is lasagna, which is always amazing as well. I asked Ann if she wanted me to adjust the recipe for a smaller group and she told me nooo this is one of my two special dishes when I entertain so don’t mess with it!  We don’t want to mess with a good thing! Ann served it with yellow rice and field green salad with an Oil and Vinegar dressing, perfectly complimenting the Chicken!

Our November “Have you read the Book? Book Club” selection was

Kristen Hannah is one our favorite authors and as a fellow California beach loving girl I feel a real connection to her writing.

The book explores the relationship between sisters Claire and Meghann and how each one deals with heartache and misunderstandings. Meghann and Claire’s Mother was not focused on her daughters but wealth and fame which sounds like an empty existence.

The story takes us from Pike’s Market, one of my favorite spots; you can almost smell the salt air of Puget Sound and hear the fat and sassy seagulls, a result of being fed French fries by tourists. Really people French fries? I love them but not as a steady diet. Ok so off that soap box…Kristen writes beautifully and transports us to Seattle and the great Pacific Northwest.

The story covers a multitude of subjects from neglect, abandonment, terminal illness and the decisions that people make to a lively discussion about whether we believe in love at first site.
Another thought provoking book, highly recommended by our little group.

Just cook something! Cheers! Kary~

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