Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dolphin Swim Worldstrides Spring Break Trip Day 5

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Day 5 The final day of Molly's Spring Break Adventure. 

 We woke up at around five in the morning for our last big adventure, swimming with the dolphins! We arrive very excited, hearing the clicks and chatters of the angels of the sea. First, we have a lesson on how to train a dolphin and the different commands and tricks they teach them. Then we got to put on our bathing suits and get into groups. I was in a group with Courtney, my friend Athena and a boy named Evan. (who later became Athena’s boyfriend, Florida is magical right?)   The two dolphins we swam with were named Alfonz and Lucy. They were the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen. We got to make them do tricks, make cute sounds and I even got to have my first kiss with Alfonz. Who knew dolphins could kiss so well?
A photographer took at least fifty pictures of each of us to print out later. I bought a seal stuffed animal at the gift shop and a bracelet. On our way back to the airport with all our things, we had an hour and a half of time to waste. But our time definitely wasn’t wasted. We went to an old, local, fresh food market called “Robert Is Here”. It is known for their signature milkshakes, fresh fruit, and different varieties of homemade honey. But another attraction they had was a mini petting zoo. They had llamas, alpacas, donkeys, pigs and even hippos. We were there for about an hour, enjoying the last big breath of Florida air that I would have for the next few years.

All of us boarded the bus, most of us charging our phones and iPods. Some people watching Nemo on the mini TVs and others passed out from exhaustion or ate food to keep the fear of flying off their minds. I’m excited to go on a plane again but I really do not want to leave Florida. We pulled up at the airport, thanked the bus driver for putting up with our teenage weirdness and said goodbye to our tour guide. All of us slowly strolled through security and to our gate. As I board the plane and hear the engine start, I know I will never ever forget the wonderful, magical five day vacation I took to Florida. 

Travel, Cook Something and Enjoy Every Day....

Where are you going for spring break? Cheers! Kary~

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