Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day and Happy Birthday to our Granddaughter~

Veterans Day 2016~ Thankful to be an American and Happy Birthday to our Granddaughter!

What a long crazy year and no matter who you voted for or against, today and every day we should be grateful for those who have defended our rights and continue to defend and protect.

We would not be a free nation without our Veterans and Armed forces. I don’t think we can ever thank our Veterans or Armed Forces enough for serving our country. Special thought’s today for all of you who have served and still serve, our son Brad, my father Doug, brother-in law Mike who we lost too soon and his daughter Michelle Reynolds, Uncle Jimmy, to all the families and friends who’s support allows them do their job and all of you that “stand on the wall” to keep us safe and free to live our lives the American way. 

We must continue to have hope, listen to one another and work towards a peaceful future, this is what sets us apart and nobody can take that from us.

Today our family will also celebrate our Granddaughters 5th Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday to our own Tinkerbell, Miss A. Her favorite chocolate cookies are made, check back for that recipe and I can ‘t wait to make spaghetti and meatballs with her!

Just Cook Something, it always makes me feel better. Cheers, Kary~

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