Friday, October 14, 2011

100 Days of Real Food

One afternoon when I was working at Poplar Ridge Farms I met Lisa Leake, she is the author of the blog 100 Days of Real Food. Lisa was preparing to go on vacation to Asia and as she put it “the trip of a lifetime”.

Lisa is very familiar with Poplar Ridge Farm which is featured prominently on her blog and she was stocking up on organic chickens and assorted vegetables. Lisa wanted to make sure that her kitchen was well stocked while she was on vacation, making it easier for the Grandparents, who were taking care of her daughters, to prepare their meals during their stay.

Check out her blog, it is full of great information regarding how to avoid processed food or food with refined ingredients, living a healthy lifestyle and helpful hints on how to prepare healthy meals without using foods that are processed or include refined ingredients.  

Today when I visited Lisa’s blog there was an announcement that Lisa and her husband Jason’s blog was nominated for “Shape Magazine Best Blogger Contest”.  I just voted for them and I know they would appreciate your vote and your support.

I think you will become a fan of this fantastic blog.

Cheers! Kary
Go cook something! 

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