Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful for Polar Fleece!

I love the sunshine, a summer thunder storm and a good rain shower, water is life right? I grew up in sunny southern California and I have spent the last twenty years in the usually sunny Charlotte area, so you could say I am not a fan of cold weather. So when the temperature hits 60 decrees Fahrenheit I usually pull out my fleece jacket and bundle up.

Yesterday it was balmy in my part of the world with a warm rain falling and today we woke up to 32 decrees Fahrenheit, cloudy with a chance of rain.

I know those of you tough Northern ladies always get a good laugh out of us warm weather gals dragging out our cold weather gear at the first sign of a cool breeze, but what can I say, I have thin blood.

I admit I do enjoy watching the snow fall, snow skiing when the sun is shining and wrapping up in my fleece jacket, blanket, hat and gloves.

Continuing my November theme “What I am thankful for”; I am very thankful for “Polar Fleece created in 1979 by Malden Mills, now Polartec LLC., and Aaron Feuerstein who intentionally declined to patent Polar fleece, allowing the material to be produced cheaply and widely by many vendors, promoting the material's wide acceptance,” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How do you stay warm when winter chill?

It's a great day for Gumbo or Beef Stew. But for now I am going to make some Hot Cocoa and warm up. Cheers!

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  1. The hot cocoa sounds warmingly delicious! If I were to drink it late at night, just before going to bed, I would probably add a splash of Grand Marnier or Amaretto!

    I look forward to reading your Prime Rib recipe. And do look for my next post tomorrow, on my Christmas visit to New York, years ago now.