Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday-Mardi Gras Virtual Party!

Grab a handful of Beads!
 Welcome to my Virtual Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras Party! The “Greatest Free Show on Earth” is in full swing down New Orleans way and if like me you are at home and feel like celebrating grab a beverage and join the party!

The menu is set but I was just thinking that we could also add Jambalaya, red beans and rice, to the menu, and don’t forget beverages to warm the body and soul.

My ipod is in its docking station filled with a great selection of Jazz, Zydeco and many of my party favorites ready to liven up the festivities. Don’t forget to grab a handful of Mardi Gras beads, as you arrive at the party. I have filled a bowl with beads in all colors specifically purple which represents justice, green for faith and gold means power.

 Do you have any favorite Fat Tuesday traditions?  Are you ready to join the party? Cheers Kary!


  1. So let's get this party started! And I want a HUGE helping of red beans and rice. That is food for the soul. :)

    Happy Fat Tuesday!!