Saturday, February 14, 2015

Recipe for a memory~Happy Valentines Birthday to my Bro...

On February 14 1955 my Mother received the most special Valentines gift she could have ever imagined, my brother Douglas. Or as we called him growing up, Dougie.

Douglas still surfing the waves in Del Mar
However, for the last six years Valentines Day has been a day of mixed emotions for all of my family and Brice. I have two sisters and one brother; we lost our brother in a tragic accident in 2009.

This year on February 14, 2015 my brother would have been 59 years young. My mother always thought that is was an odd twist of fate that her only son was born on Valentines Day. Of course
Douglas loved all the attention!

I am writing about this today for all of you who have mixed emotions about a day that is suppose to celebrate love. If you have lost someone, are happily single or just waiting for your perfect “someone” and feel left out on Valentines Day you might like to know that Valentines Day origins date back to the High Middle Ages, “The Feast of Saint Valenitine” I like the feasting part and who doesn’t like chocolates, however it is a day of feasting from some religions, a fun day for children and a day on the calendar promoted by companies to boost their profits. The up side is that many small businesses that need the infusion of cash get a little boost this time of year and
Who doesn’t love chocolates and gifts professing eternal love!

Having said that, in this 24/7 world that we live in maybe some of us need a special day to slow down, turn off the mobile phone, yes these devices do have an off switch, and make your own special memories.  

I was really fortunate and spoke to my brother only days before he left us and I hold that conversation close to my heart and it helps to soothe my soul. We both shared a love for cooking, dancing, also DWTS and laughing any chance we had.  

As I sit here in front of my laptop with the curser key blinking away at me, I know that I am still not ready to publish all the details of my brother’s death. Have no doubt that my journal is filled with tear stained pages, coherent and some not so coherent thoughts and feelings. In addition to pages filled with memories of life with my brother jotted down like a mad women, so afraid I would forget a memory, and I am still writing them down as they pop into my head.

I know, not a really happy subject for Valentines Day, but the truth is that we all have loved ones we miss so I will sign off with a fun memory.

Setting; DelMar, California, Del Mar Fair parking lot the summer of 1976, Douglas is driving our van, I am co-driver and we are trying to find a quick way out of the parking lot as the hoards of fair goers are exiting as well. Traffic is backing up and we need to get home before our curfew and no big surprise we are cutting it close.

The back exit we wanted to use is blocked with a saw horse; Douglas stopped the van, glanced over at me and says “Ok time to pull a Lucy and Ethel”. I am thinking oh no what does he have in mind. I quickly found out when he instructed me to jump out, move the saw horse and he would drive the van through.

We looked around, everyone was heading in the other direction, and it did not appear that anyone was paying attention to us so I did as requested by Douglas.

After all this wasn’t a major traffic violation, just a couple of saw horses blocking our way home right? Douglas and I made it home laughing all the way within minutes of our curfew with our driving privileges in tack. The sun, surf and good times awaited...

I believe now more than ever before that every day we should make sure that those we love have no doubt about our love for them. As for today I am spending Valentines Day with our Princess Brenda, her hubby Nate our Grandbabies Avery and Beckett, best Valentines Ever!

Happy V Day everyone and hold all those great memories close to your heart!

Go eat some candy, hug a friend, laugh out loud and enjoy every day…

Hugs, Kary                  

What are your thoughts about Valentines’ Day? 

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