Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lemon Shrimp Spaghetti by Giada, cooked my Kary

Giada's Lemon Spaghetti with Giant Shrimp

I was watching Giada a couple of weeks ago prepare her Lemon Spaghetti with GiantShrimp recipe and as with all the recipes she shares my mouth started watering, even though I had just finished Sunday breakfast. I knew this was a recipe I was going to make next time fresh shrimp was on special at my local market.

Giada's Lemon Spaghetti with Giant Shrimp and Capers

You know I always try to buy what is on special, in season and fresh. As it happened my local market had 6 lemons for .99 cents, a great deal and fresh shrimp. I already had spaghetti in the pantry and capers in the fridge. There was fresh basil right outside in my container garden and fresh Parmesan just waiting to join in.

I purchased one pound of fresh shrimp which probably was about ¾ pound once I cleaned and deveined them. I cut the remaining ingredients in half, my Hubby Doug prefers equal part shrimp to pasta, well not exactly but you get the picture.

I also changed Giada’s preparation process up just a little. First I zester the lemon and squeezed the lemon juice, my lemons were small so I used 2 lemons, then whisked with the Olive oil, and added the Parmesan.  Here is a link on how to Zest a lemon.

Next I put the pot of water for the spaghetti on the stove to boil, heated a medium skillet and crisped up the capers, once they were done, about 2 to 3 minutes I removed the capers from the skillet and cooked the shrimp, per Giada 3 minutes per side. I boiled the spaghetti per the package directions.

From there I followed Giada’s instructions and in a large serving dish tossed cooked shrimp, spaghetti and lemon/Oil/Parmesan, adding a little of the pasta water. Then I topped it with the fresh chopped basil and cooked capers.

If you love lemon you are going to go crazy for this dish, Doug said it was truly one of the best shrimp recipes I have prepared. I had about 1 cup of left which will be great for lunch.

Next time I am going to toss in some fresh spinach, can you imagine how great that will taste… Thank you Giada, another fantastic recipe!

Just cook something! Cheers~ Kary~

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