Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Safe Haven, Southport NC and Shrimp

Crab cakes and shrimp Yacht Basin Provision CO.
Safe Haven”, Southport, Movie Making, Shrimp and Crab Cakes
Have you ever been to Southport, NC? I started writing this post several years ago and never got around to finish writing. With rolling spring breaks getting ready to start I thought it would be a good time to finish this post and share one of my visits to Southport, NC. And by the way this is a great destination for Spring break or any time, just south of Wilmington, NC, another seaport village that I love!
Flash back to August 2012, when my previous job took me to Southport, NC and it just so happened that the crew was still filming “Safe Haven”. Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel are the stars along with the location. I had a lunch appointment with Margret and she suggested that we dine at one of her favorite local restaurants, The Yacht Basin Provision Co.  
Southport NC
Years ago my hubby Doug and I spent some time in Southport, NC and we considered moving to this beautiful seaside community; we did not make the move but love visiting every chance we get. When I had the opportunity to visit Southport, NC it was my pleasure to load up my mini cooper and make the 4 hour drive to the coast for business meetings.
Southport, NC where the book “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks is set is a thriving & quaint seaside beach town that is located near Wilmington, NC and where the movie “Safe Haven” was filmed. 
As Margaret and I arrived at the restaurant we were surrounded by the film crew that was setting up their equipment right next to our lunch for the days shoot.
As we were waiting for our lunch there was commotion from some of the young girls on the patio screaming “We love you Josh” as in Josh Duhamel starring in “Safe Haven”, the crew was filming a scene at the restaurant next door, he waved and he was just as adorable in person as on film, I snapped a picture and of course I know it’s him, but can you tell?

The crowd settled down and our meal was served. Seafood of course is on the menu and I ordered the fresh crab cakes, shrimp and cucumber salad with of course chilled ice tea. The temperature was wavering around 85 decrees with a not so cool ocean breeze and fans on the patio making every attempt to keep us cool, if that’s possible in the middle of a hot summer day. My new favorite restaurant in Southport, fresh sea food, great company and the warm ocean breeze, just another day at work…
After my visit to Southport I downloaded the book Safe Haven from my local library, if you do not have the overdrive app, download it now! I love the app and Safe Haven is now one of me favorite Nicholas Sparks books. Sun, surf, romance and toss in a magical

Check back for couple of my favorite recipes for crab cakes and shrimp.

Shrimp GrilledShrimp Pasta SaladShrimp Marinated , Shrimp with onions on the Grill 

Just cook something! Cheers! Kary~

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