Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simple Thanksgiving Dinner

I am a list person, always jotting down recipes, ideas for my blog, shopping lists and with Thanksgiving approaching I have already started writing down my dinner menu.
My menu is usually very traditional, simple and I think fairly easy to prepare. For me cooking a Turkey is about one of the easiest meals to prepare.
Bluebear, Roasted Turkey and Denali
Ok I do admit that I do feel a hint of nervousness every time I roast a Turkey, hoping that the Turkey will not be dry. Several years ago I purchased an electronic meat thermometer, which I love and is fun to watch as the Turkey cooks to the perfect temperature.
As for the size of the Turkey, it has been my experience that medium size turkey’s 12 to 16 pounds are most often moist and tasty.  If memory serves I think one year I cooked a 20 lb Turkey and it was ok, not as moist as the smaller ones that I cooked before. That said my Mom and Dad always cook a large 20 + pound Turkey and it is always moist, tasty and good to the last drumstick. 
Over the last couple of years frying or soaking the thawed turkey in brine has been really poplar, just watch the cooking shows. As for me I stick with the traditional method, slow roasting the turkey in a roasting pan loosely covered with foil or I sometimes I use a cooking bag, which makes for really easy clean up.  
At most Thanksgiving gatherings family and friends usually pitch in and bring their “signature” dish, that one special dish that they make year after year, which is expected and loved by all. So never shy away from an offer from your guests to assist with dinner, also offer to bring one your specialty dishes for the feast if you aren’t hosting, and if you are not a cook offer to bring the rolls or desert from your favorite bakery. 
Whenever you host a dinner party or holiday celebrations remember to prepare ahead and enjoy your family and friends.
So take a breath and plan to enjoy the holiday season, it is just beginning.  

Here is a typical menu at the Squires home for Thanksgiving dinner:

Thanksgiving Menu
Fresh baked rolls
For desert Pumpkin Pie and Apple Crisp

I will post more recipes over the next couple of weeks. Cheers!
Cook something! Kary~

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  1. I have been learning this over the years too. Simple is always better. For Thanksgiving, I keep my stress low by planning the meal well ahead of time, the grocery list, and even the timing of each item to be cooked or prepared. It still a lot of work, but my stress level is nice and low!
    The wine helps too. :-)