Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Annie Forman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral, Book Club and Pizza


Have you thought about planning your own funeral, ok not a happy thought but after reading Annie Forman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral you might think differently.

Our first book for 2016 was a roll-over from 2015, recommended by Karen who was our January hostess. Usually we take turns hosting our book club at one of our homes; however we are very flexible, after all we are called “have you read the book, book club”. Our hostess Karen really wanted to try a fairly new restaurant Black Chicken in Waxhaw, NC and we all agreed to give it a try. Kind of fitting for our book Annie Forman’s trying new things and tossing out routine.

Karen ordered several types of flat breads and pimento cheese spread made by a local in Waxhaw, you have never tasted real pimento cheese spread until a local southern lady has made it for you, sooo delicious with flat bread chips.

If you haven’t read Annie Forman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral  we highly recommend that you read it. A great adventure filled with laughs, fun, food, wine, more wine and the women; Annie Freeman’s friends who opened their hearts and minds to everything and everyone they met along the way. Touching and changing so many lives, the funeral is really about the living and celebrating the one who leaves us behind, right? As we discussed the book we found ourselves wondering how many of our friends would attend a traveling funeral if we arranged it?

The author  Kris Radish is another great writer who transports us with her writing. Imagining ourselves in Key West watching the sun set and feeling the warm salt air on our skins, to a posh hotel in NYC and then on a small plane bouncing around in the air heading for the shores of a secluded lake in Minnesota. Opening our minds and hearts to a journey of loss, love, forgiveness; mostly self forgiveness and letting go of what we don’t need and embracing what we really want from life. 

Put on your favorite pair of fun sneakers, you’ll know what I mean when you read the book, Annie’s were red and enjoy the ride.

Do you have any flat bread recipes? Here are a couple of my pizza recipes that can be used with flat bread: Ground Chicken Pizza and Pesto Chicken Pizza.

February's book is Garden Spells  by Sarah Addison Allen   from one of my favorite authors and I love the way Sarah weaves her magical tales. What are you reading? 
Just cook something! Cheers! Kary~ 

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