Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July Recipes, Fire up the Grill!

Happy Fourth of July! Let Freedom Ring and thanks to all who came before and who still serve our country so we can celebrate holidays like today. 

 Every 4th of July as I slice up the watermelon, make potato salad and fire up the grill I am transported back to all the great 4th of July gathering so far in my life. So many memories; as a child swimming all day with our friends, grilling hamburgers and waiting for dusk so we could join all our neighbors light up the neighborhood with sparklers and fireworks. 

Beach holidays, celebrating with family and later taking our kids to the pool at Raintree Country Club and other years spending the 4th of July holiday in Myrtle Beach. And then there was the year Doug climbed Mount Rainer while I watched and waited for him to safely make it down the mountain. 4th of July spent in Seattle, Washington and this year just hanging close to home away from the maddening crowds!

Enjoy the day and every day, oh and Just Cook Something! Cheers! Kary~

Mac and Cheese

Poplano Peppers with Cream Cheese and Bacon 

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